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9 Ways to Reduce Cloud Costs Now and in the Future


Cutting cloud costs has never been more urgent, but it’s a project that can easily feel overwhelming. I have attached this guide to learn how to assess, prioritize and execute cost optimization in your public cloud infrastructure.

What’s inside the guide

  • Expert cost-cutting guidance across compute, data and networking

  • How to systematically evaluate and prioritize savings opportunities

  • Proven methods for scoping and organizing cost-reduction initiatives

  • Best practices to ensure your cloud infrastructure always operates efficiently

Azure Cost Optimization Guide


Why Azure cloud cost optimization is important


  Cloud governance:

  • Understanding your organization’s needs

  • Creating cross organizational alignment

  • Mandatory tagging and cloud spend monitoring

  • Assessing and prioritizing savings opportunities

  • Establishing ongoing processes that reduce costs today and in the future


  Hands-on cloud cost management:

  • Eliminating cloud waste

  • Optimizing use of Azure’s pricing models

  • B-Series VMs for burstable workloads

  • Azure region selection

  • Storage optimization - Networking optimization

  • Special pricing and cost management tools


   Continuous Azure optimization:

  • Reducing Azure costs with Spot by NetApp

The FinOps Guide for Cloud Excellence


What is FinOps and why is it so important


Here are the key steps to follow:

  • Cross-organizational alignment

  • Understanding your organization’s needs

  • Mandatory tagging and cloud spend monitoring

  • Assess and prioritize savings opportunities

  • Establish ongoing processes that reduce costs today and in

  • the future

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