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Reserved Instances

If your organization is buying Reserved Instances in the cloud, you’re making a huge investment up front. Although reserved instances are significantly better value than on demand services (up to 60%), they are often the wrong size or time frame to meet the business needs in a constantly changing market place.


Ideally a companies reserved instance should be continuously managed and closely aligned to the organizations strategy.




Typically there are hundreds of decisions which need to made every month in order to optimize your cloud environment with:

  • 100’s of usage groups to consider

  • 12 contract options per RI purchase

  • Utilization targets

  • RI Expirations

  • Manual conversions

  • Avoiding customer RI overlap

  • Missed RI marketplace opportunities

  • AWS pricing changes

  • React to usage patterns

As a premier partner with Spot by NetApp

the OverWatch team utilizes Spot’s industry

leading machine learning and diagnostics to

automate and optimize cloud infrastructure

on AWSAzure and GCP.

Taking just 15 minutes to set up with no architectural changes required, Spot has designed their cloud diagnostics dashboard to be user friendly, fast to deploy and easy to use.

Estimate how much you can save your organization

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