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Collaboration - Video



Multiple Brands and Multiple Buzzwords

Enabling work from home requires an organization to choose between multiple tools.

Certain choices are financially attractive because they are "bundled" in your

application suite of business software. 

But do they leave your team stranded when you need to engage customers that use a different video collaboration application?

work from home



too many clicks

subscription fatigue

too many choices?


ms teams.png

Does your conference room extend to your home office and and can you all share, modify and present content? What does interop mean to your organization?

Proper collaborative workflow is the  correct mix of technologies, simple intuitive features and their ease of use. These are simple yet important building blocks to enabling remote productivity within your organization.

OverWatch provides secure and flexible visual collaboration solutions that make it easier for companies to work together. Our services include basic design - based on your workflow, product, installation, training and support services.

Overwatch specializes in helping customers plan, design, implement and manage collaboration solutions throughout their organizations.​. 


Overwatch video conferencing and collaboration solutions improve workflow throughout entire organizations, increasing efficiency, improving performance, and boosting productivity – all while cutting costs. 

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