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Stop wasting money on unused Reserved Instances and Savings Plans


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Simplify reserved capacity planning

Spot eliminates complex and cumbersome processes to size and plan for resource requirements. Constantly analyzing data from cloud providers and your deployment, we identify and provide the best blend of Savings Plans and reserved instances, across all commitment lengths, to maximize savings and flexibility.

Maximize savings & ROI

Ensure that your cloud commitments are used as effectively as possible using our automated optimization. Spot re-allocates unused reserved capacity to relevant instances running on-demand and can leverage the AWS Marketplace to buy and sell excess reservations to ensure maximum ROI on your cloud purchases.

Reduce time & effort for DevOps & Finance

Free DevOps and Finance from the time and effort required to analyze and plan for buying reserved capacity by using our software that combines continuous cloud monitoring and analysis with automation to implement optimal purchasing strategies automatically, even in highly dynamic environments.




Use machine learning and automation and scale to meet each application needs exactly.


Always use the most efficient mix of instances and pricing models, eliminating overprovisioning and waste.

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