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Automate infrastructure scaling, performance & cost savings



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Deliver application performance & availability

Predictive analytics and autoscaling ensure your applications always have the resources they need, without interruption.


Simplify cloud operations

Automated provisioning, scaling and monitoring for your cloud compute, frees your teams from the complexities and risks of manual management.


Slash cloud infrastructure costs

Advanced balancing of spot, reserved and on-demand pricing provides you with the most cost-effective and risk-free cloud compute available.

Automate container infrastructure

Continuously manages scaling and sizing of your cluster infrastructure based on container resource needs.


Understand your costs

Provides real-time insight into infrastructure costs by services, applications and tasks to enable showback and accountability.


Deliver on SLAs

Ensures availability and performance by predicting and automatically addressing resource needs and instance interruptions.


Minimize costs

Automatically uses the optimal mix of on demand, reserved and spot instances to reduce costs by up to 90%.

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Ensure availability and optimize costs for containers





Automated cloud infrastructure at up to 90% lower cost

Use machine learning and diagnostic algorithms that enable you to utilize spot capacity for production and mission-critical workloads.

This allows you to enjoy up to 90% cloud compute cost reduction with SLAs and SLOs that guarantee availability.

Spot continuously scores the different capacity pools across operating systems, instance types, availability zones, regions, and cloud providers.


It then makes the most intelligent decisions in real-time regarding which instances to choose for provisioning and which ones to proactively rebalance and replace.


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